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She would buck and squirm, and the weight would bob up and down
and nick the plate, and then the shock would hit her like a
whip lash.

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But she couldn’t take much of the shock, so, in spite of her
arousal, she would arch he naked body, pulling the weight away
from the box. Back and forth she would sway, slumping from
exhaustion, moaning into her gag when she heard the clank of the
metal plates making contact, then steeling herself for the shock
to her cunt. Her body glistened with sweat.

Her hair flailed about her as she shook her head and bit down on the rubber penis
in her mouth and willed herself into a balanced posture.

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From the box ran a wire connected to a pole. The pole jutted up
from the floor, gleaming metal. It’s end, a dildo, was planted
deep in the girl’s cunt. It was thick and stretched the lips of
her pussy wide. It was shiny with her juices. If she slumped
forward, relaxing her pose, the weight would drop down onto the
box, completing an electrical circuit. When the circuit was
completed, the box would send a mild shock to the dildo – just a
few volts but enough to make the girl squirm from it’s fiery
bite. If the weight stayed on the box, the current would continue
for twenty seconds, stop for twenty seconds, then start again,
and so on, until the connection was broken.

So she had a choice, this girl in bondage. She could yank at the
strap, causing the clamps to bite at her nipples, or relax and
send the shock ripping into her cunt. When that happened, she
found that her writhings on the end of her perch set her pussy

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She stood, balanced, though just barely. By force of will, the
naked girl tried to remain absolutely motionless. But to do that
was almost impossible. It was the point of her bondage, of

She stood erect, her legs spread wide by a metal bar strapped
between her ankles forcing them apart. Her arms were pulled
behind her back, strapped together at the elbows and wrists
forcing her breasts forward.

Her long blonde hair cascaded down her bound arms all the way to
her slim waist. She was gagged, her mouth stuffed with a penis
gag and covered by a thick leather strap. Otherwise she was
completely nude.

That was the standard stuff, in and of itself arousing as it
silenced and commanded her naked body, offering her charms in
wanton invitation. But there was more tonight – much more!

On each of her erect nipples was a small spring-clamp. These
connected to a thin leather strap, which then connected together
in a heavier strap. This went up to the ceiling rafter and over a
pulley there. At the other end of this strap from her nipples,
dangling just a few feet in front of the girl, was a metal
weight. It rested no more than an inch above a box with a metal
plate on it’s top. In fact, if the girl weren’t leaning back and
away, her taut breasts pulling at the strap, the weight would
rest on the box. The girl arched herself backward, trembling,
struggling to keep the weight away from the box. She had good
reason to.

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In the morning Sue and Betty got up and decided to clean the
house before releasing Gwen from her bondage. But to let Gwen
know that they were still there they placed a set of nipple clamps
on Gwen’s lovely boobs. After lunch they carried Gwen down to the
basement and slowly removed the plaster from her face. As soon as
her face was free Gwen wanted to know if it was all over now.
Betty answered that it was for now. Soon they had Gwen free from
the plaster and cleaned up. To celebrate Gwen’s discovery about
herself. In the morning as Gwen went home she looked forward to
when she could return and have Sue and Betty.

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They quickly filled the bag that was in Gwen’s butt with red
wine. As they were filling her, they could hear Gwen moaning in
her bondage. After they were finished and had the tube to her ass
sealed, they carried Gwen up to the living room. That night at
the party the guests complimented Sue and Gwen on the fine statue
that they had. Only some of them were told that there was a
person inside it. All thru the night Sue and Betty sneeked
chances to fondle Gwen’s breasts. And at midnight they uncorked
Gwen’s ass for a midnight toast and the party ended. Sue and
Betty were too tired to release Gwen so they left her untill the
morning standing in the middle of the living room.

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Betty at the same time was wrapping bandages around Gwen’s
feet and legs. Soon all of Gwen was thickly covered in plaster
except for Gwens breasts and cunt. Sue had done a wonderful job
of putting the plaster on Gwens face. Gwen could breath and her
facial features looked great in the plaster. Betty got this
wicked look on her face and shoved a battery powered dildo into
Gwens cunt and then sealed it in with the plaster. Both girls
worked carefully on Gwen and soon the plaster was smooth and full
of detail the only thing that looked odd was where Gwen’s breasts
jutted out from the plaster since they were bare flesh. This they
corrected with white paint. They wanted to play with those

Erotic combat

Gwen was going to be the centerpiece at tonights party. They
were going to make a statue out of her and she would contain the
drink for the ending toast of the party.

Sue tightly laced the rubber corset on Gwen to give her an
even slimmer waist and to hide her breathing. Betty carefully
forced an empty enema bag into Gwen’s butt, when Gwen was
completely bound they would fill the bag with wine for the last
toast of the party. Then they were ready to begin. They rubbed
oil all over Gwen’s body and into her hair. Sue then brought out
a case of plaster bandages and a bucket. Gwen held her arms out
in the pose that they wanted as they began to wrap the wet
bandages around her neck and sholders. They were very careful not
to put any on Gwen’s full breasts. Then Sue began to work plaster
into Gwen’s hair so that she could sculpt her hair as she wanted
it to look.

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Gwen knew it in her soul that she loved this she would do
anything that these two asked. Sue and Betty explained to Gwen
that the final bondage that they would put her in this weekend had
to be voluntary. For the effect to be right they needed her
cooperation. Gwen agreed. The three ladies retired to the
bathroom where they proceeded to shave all of the hair from Gwen’s
body except that on her head and her eyebrows. After they dried
her they took her down to the basement and explained what was
about to happen.

Their slave

Gwen spent the rest of the day lightly bound and walking
around the house all that she was allowed to wear in addition to
her bonds was a tight rubber corset. Betty and Sue told her that
she would have to get acustomed to it before the ‘FINAL BONDAGE’
tomorrow. That night Sue and Betty tied Gwen upright to a pole in
the basement and told her that she would have to spend the night
that way. That night Sue and Betty worked to keep Gwen aroused
and in ecstasy. Gwen came many times that night before being left
standing to try to sleep. In the morning Betty and Sue came in
and awakened Gwen. Gwen was theirs now. She was their SLAVE.

Bloated belly

Gwen had finally admitted it to herself. She enjoyed this.
Sue refilled the enema bag and turned the flow back on. Gwen
began to thrash about in her bonds. This was too much too soon.
She could not take another quart it would surely kill her she
thought. Sue and Betty tried to reassure Gwen but she would not
relax. But soon Gwen was proven wrong. She took the second quart
fully. She now looked slightly preagnant with her bloated belly.
Keeping the tube closed Sue and Betty let Gwen down and tied her
legs together. They then made her hop into the next room where
they placed her in a tub of warm water and gave her a bath. After
this they let her relieve herself of the enema.

Enema forced

Sue slowly inserted the enema tube into Gwen’s butt. Then
Gwen felt Sue pump it up. “That is so that it does not come out.”
Then Sue began the enema. As the warm fluid was flowing into
Gwen, Sue and Betty began to caress and kiss Gwen’s breasts. Gwen
began to moan as the two women stimulated her. Soon Sue cut off
the flow of fluid, Gwen had taken a quart. The next step would be
more difficult and to prepair Gwen they began to massage her.
They rubbed oil all over her body and slowly worked the tension
out of Gwen’s harassed muscles. Soon Gwen was a sight to see
hanging there all shiny with her full breasts standing out from
her body. Gwen looked and felt beautiful.

Kinky Training

Betty helped Sue tie Gwen upside down with her legs spread
wide. Gwen’s wrists were tied together behind her back. Sue
removed the mask and ball from Gwen and replaced it with an open
harness that had a sponge rubber ball that went into Gwen’s mouth
to keep her quiet. They then placed a wide leather collar on
Gwen’s pretty little neck and tied her wrists to it. Then to add
to the tension they tied her elbows together. “Well sweet Gwen
see how your tits stick out when your arms are tied like this we
should do this more often.” Then carefully they stripped the
panties off of Gwen’s tight bottom and removed the dildo from her
butt. Now hanging upside down again. Sue prepaired Gwen for the
next step.

“Now Gwen we are going to prepair you for the trial.” Gwen
wondered what they ment but she was getting more engrossed with
the feeling of the BEN WA balls slowly sinking deeper into her
pussy. “Stay still we don’t want to cut you.” Then Betty brought
out a razor and shaving cream. “Now what?” wondered Gwen and she
soon found out. Betty began to spread cream all over Gwen’s pussy
hair. Soon Gwen was shaved clean. “Now to keep those balls in
you”, Betty said as she taped Gwen’s cunt lips closed. In the
meantime Sue was busy at the sink in the other room. Soon she
came out with a large pail and an enema bag. “Now for your
trial”, and Sue moved closer.

This kinky world

After eating Gwen was then bound to a table in the back of the
basement. Spread eagle on her back Gwen was subjected to the
light strokes of feathers administered by her friend Sue. But
soon Gwens giggles and pleas to stop upset Sue. Sue prodeeded to
get a rubber full face helmet from a chest along with a rubber
ball. She placed the ball in Gwen’s mouth and then proceeded to
streach the helmet over Gwen’s head. It was hard work since the
helmet was much too tight but when she got it on you could see
every line in Gwen’s face. Two holes by her nostrills allowed her
to breathe. Sue tormented Gwen like this for many hours. By then
she tired of this position for Gwen.

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Down in the basement Gwen was seated in a sturdy chair and her
legs were tied to the chair. The walk down the stairs had excited
Gwen extremely. The combination of the BEN WA balls, the vibrator
and the feel of the rubber were just too much. It was something
else!! Sue removed the gag from Gwen’s mouth. “We must keep your
strength up for the final bind of your stay. So eat your
breakfast” and Sue then proceeded to feed Gwen some eggs and
sausage for breakfast. Gwen kept quiet since every time that she
tried to talk Betty would pinch Gwens nipples very hard. It did
not take many times for Gwen to get the idea. What was to come

Kinky bondage

Slowly Betty pushed on the vibrator. She felt Gwen tense up
“Gwen my pretty, if you do not relax this is going to be very
painful and I assure you that it is going in.” Gwen knew what
Betty said was true, she would push it in no matter what she did
and she tried to relax. Soon (even though Gwen would disagree) it
was deep inside her. Betty then got up and got a set of BEN WA
balls and reaching under Gwen pushed them deep into Gwen’s pussy.
“If these or the vibrator come out, I am going to whip you.” Gwen
tried her best, she did not want to be whipped. Betty then got a
pair of rubber panties out of the dresser drawer. “You are going
to wear these to keep everything in place”.

Betty untied Gwen’s legs and then proceeded to put the rubber
panties on Gwen. They were extremely tight and they were
sculptered. They fit Gwen just like a second skin. The vibrator
was now beginning to excite Gwen and she was shocked. Could it
be. She was beginning to enjoy this!!. Betty now lashed Gwen’s
wrists to her thighs and then tied her elbows together before
helping her to sit up. Then Gwen got excited; Sue was back. Oh,
now she would get free. “Gwen, I promissed you a weekend that you
would not forget. I see that Betty has begun.” No, not Sue! This
entire weekend was her idea. What was in there mind now? Betty
and Sue lead Gewn downstairs to the basement where they said the
fun would begin.

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“Did you have a good night’s sleep my dear?” Betty asked in
the morning. Gwen tried to tell her that she did not but all she
got was a muffled reply. “I see that you do not think that I have
been very hospitable to you. For that you are going to be
punished.” With that, Betty began to tie Gwen spread eagle face
down on the bead. “I am going to give your little ass an
introduction to a friend of mine.” Betty then pulled out the
largest vibrator that Gwen had ever seen. Betty then began to rub
vaselene all over it. Gwen knew what was going to happen.
Desperetly she tried to get free but her bonds were too good. She
felt the tip of the vibrator against her anus. Betty began to

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Sue quickly wrapped a loop of rope around Gwen’s wrists and
made the knot tight. Gwen was shocked. As she opened her mouth
to complain she found a pair of her own panties being shoved into
her mouth. Sue quickly used a silk stocking to knot it in place.
Soon Gwen found her knees and ankles tied tightly together. “Well
my pretty” said Betty, “lets see how flexable you are” and quickly
began to tie Gwen’s elbow’s together. She had to pull and tug but
finally succeeded. Then pulling the rope tight tied Gwen’s wrists
and ankles together. “Well that should keep you until morning”
Sue said as she turned out the light. Gwen wondered what would
happen now. Oh, when was Sue due back?

Bondage Behind Kink

behind kink bondage

Gwen was new to town but had an old high school friend that
she could stay with. She soon arrived at her friend Sue’s house.
There she was met by Sue’s roommate Betty. Sue had told Betty to
expect Gwen and they were soon settled into the house.

Later that night Betty came into Gwen’s room. “Well my dear
Gwen, Sue said that I was to make you feel at home” and saying
this began to slowly remove Gwen’s nightgown. Gwen was a little
startled but soon relaxed. but then came the rope….