Behind Kink

Behind Kink
“Who was it in the park?”
“That I cannot tell you, I do not know, our guarantee is complete
anonymity and security, her name is known as yours is known, but not by me. Her
name is Persephone”.
“Because it was she who found me?” I asked, having had a classical
education I was aware of the myth of Zagreus. “I am not too happy about how that
story ended.”
“You share our love of the classics then. You are correct in your first
assumption but not in your second. The Greek myths merely form a suitable source
of names. Since most of the Greek heros met the same end the same problem arises
quite often.”
“That is comforting, but you asked me what I require, what do you mean
by that?”, I was not entirely convinced but realised that to persue the point
was useless.
“Persephone has made an offer to perform whatever act you wish, within
the rules of the society in the same place at the same time tommorow.”
“What are the rules of the society?”
“No injury or harm to be inflicted upon any member by another and no
attempt to break anonymity. If you violate either rule you will be excluded.”
“What kind of act?”