Erotic combat

Gwen was going to be the centerpiece at tonights party. They
were going to make a statue out of her and she would contain the
drink for the ending toast of the party.

Sue tightly laced the rubber corset on Gwen to give her an
even slimmer waist and to hide her breathing. Betty carefully
forced an empty enema bag into Gwen’s butt, when Gwen was
completely bound they would fill the bag with wine for the last
toast of the party. Then they were ready to begin. They rubbed
oil all over Gwen’s body and into her hair. Sue then brought out
a case of plaster bandages and a bucket. Gwen held her arms out
in the pose that they wanted as they began to wrap the wet
bandages around her neck and sholders. They were very careful not
to put any on Gwen’s full breasts. Then Sue began to work plaster
into Gwen’s hair so that she could sculpt her hair as she wanted
it to look.