Female erotic combat

From the box ran a wire connected to a pole. The pole jutted up
from the floor, gleaming metal. It’s end, a dildo, was planted
deep in the girl’s cunt. It was thick and stretched the lips of
her pussy wide. It was shiny with her juices. If she slumped
forward, relaxing her pose, the weight would drop down onto the
box, completing an electrical circuit. When the circuit was
completed, the box would send a mild shock to the dildo – just a
few volts but enough to make the girl squirm from it’s fiery
bite. If the weight stayed on the box, the current would continue
for twenty seconds, stop for twenty seconds, then start again,
and so on, until the connection was broken.

So she had a choice, this girl in bondage. She could yank at the
strap, causing the clamps to bite at her nipples, or relax and
send the shock ripping into her cunt. When that happened, she
found that her writhings on the end of her perch set her pussy