Obey The Master

She dried off slowly, her core still warm with the memory of those
unexpected vibrations. She assumed that Dodds would be putting another
all-enclosing outfit of some kind on her, since that seemed to be his
particular fetish this year. So she dried herself even more thoroughly
and, after powdering herself all over with talcum, she exited the
bathroom. Like a butterfly from it’s chrysalis, she thought.

Dodds seemed unimpressed with his butterfly, however. He did smile
appreciatively, even licked his lips suggestively, but he said nothing,
just waved her towards him where he sat on the bed next to yet another
pile of garments and gear. He held something up. It was a large
plastic butt plug, hollow, with big holes in it. It had a largish
hose attached. From her experience, Mandy thought that the hose was
too large, it looked like it would allow an awfully fast flow. It was
obvious what his intentions were, so she bent over obediently. When
she was suitably plugged, he motioned for her to sit down on the bed.
She did, with a little groan.